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Unique reading and study technology

Is your child happy, full of confidence, ABLE TO COPE?

A great many of our children today struggle with reading and learning disabilities. All too often a child struggles to learn as a result of being unable to read and having a mental block as to the meaning of words they are suppose to read and understand. These problems can keep your child’s abilities and intelligence from being recognized, leaving them characterized by behavioural problems resulting in low self esteem and low desire to attend school.

Smartbrain’s unique reading and study technology can help any child on the road to success.

Parents call it a miracle programme .... children call it fun …

Smartbrain specializes in the development and implementation of learning programmes and methods to curb illiteracy and remedy learning problems:

• Early learning programme
• Remedial classes
• Beginner’s phonics and maths

The Beginner’s Phonics and Maths course is aimed at 5-7 year-olds and forms the perfect foundation for reading and mathematical skills. In order to ensure the optimum development of your youngster, the Beginner’s Phonics and Math course is facilitated by trained individuals at our Smartbrain centre, usually in sessions of 1 or 2 hours per week.

This course teaches a child to:

- Sound out words;
- Form letters correctly; and
- Do foundational maths

With the foundation properly laid, once a child enters the schooling system the word will not be so overwhelming. This programme will help to prevent learners, whose parents are not always there for personal attention and stimulation, from falling behind. Parents who spend time and are ‘hands-on’ with the development of their children, can never be replaced, but in an imperfect society where often both parents hold down full-time jobs, compensating to prevent a problem later is always a wise decision. 

Enrol your child today and make a lasting contribution to his/her future.

• Sound Empowerment Course

This course lays the foundation for reading, writing and accurate spelling. Learners are taught to phonetically ‘sound out’ words.

This course is for any learner who:

- Reads very slowly and hesitantly (or not at all);
- Confuses certain letters with each other (e.g. b and d);
- Leaves out syllables, words, phrases or skips whole lines of text;
- Adds words or phrases that are not in the text;
- Reverses the order of letters or syllables within a word;
- Mispronounces words, including familiar words;
- Substitutes one word for another, even if the substituted word is meaningless in the context.

Without appropriate intervention, students suffering from these (sometimes apparently insignificant problems) will continue to make mistakes that have far-reaching consequences on their mental development and performance in later years.

• Word empowerment course

The Word Empowerment Course is designed to teach a person to read with understanding. Having a broad and rich vocabulary has a number of advantages, such as:

- Preventing concentration problems from ruining efforts to master learning material;
- Improving language development, the ability to read with understanding, express oneself better in writing and improving overall communication skills.

• Reading empowerment course

- The ability to read swiftly and with great understanding rests on two principles – building a good vocabulary and practice, practice, practice.
- The Reading Empowerment Course is designed to develop a learner’s ability to comprehend and interpret information that he/she reads as well as the speed and accuracy with which he/she works through learning material.

• Eagle study and memory course

- The Eagle Study and Memory Course is specifically aimed at learners from grade 4 upwards as well as tertiary students and adults.
- The techniques taught in this course aim to make individuals proficient in the art of studying. Why should anyone be satisfied with mediocre performance when the brain has unlimited potential to learn and store information?
- The Eagle Study and Memory Course is a lifestyle tool which aims to eradicate bad habits and studying practices so that learners may become lifelong students and increase their awareness of their surroundings, the influences upon them and their limitless potential to achieve in and contribute to society.